Toxic to Us, the Climate July 11, 2022

Gas utilities are hyping hydrogen with methane as a solution — for what, bad health?

PSR’s new health report on hydrogen blending is out! Hydrogen blending is being pushed by the fossil fuel industry in many states, but it is a false solution.

Our report tells you why.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gas utilities are hyping a blend of hydrogen with methane (“natural” or “fracked”) gas to burn in our stoves and furnaces. It’s a bad idea:  dangerous in the home, bad for the climate.
  • Blending hydrogen with methane perpetuates our use of methane, which is a highly potent greenhouse gas: over 80 times more powerful a heat-trapper than carbon dioxide over its first 20 years in the atmosphere.
  • Did you know that roughly 99 percent of the hydrogen available today is actually produced from fossil fuels? Coal and – irony of ironies – methane. Using hydrogen means more drilling and mining and more fossil fuel pollution.
  • Blending hydrogen with methane also increases the risk of leaks and explosions.
  • Hydrogen also means more nitrogen dioxide emissions in our homes, since burning methane emits this harmful gas. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) damages the lungs:  It contributes to the development of asthma, can increase asthma symptoms, and increases susceptibility to respiratory infections.

“Hydrogen and methane for heating and cooking will deepen existing health inequities.”

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