Your Help Is Needed to Face Down the ‘Dirty Deal’

September 23, 2022

Call to Action Against the ‘Dirty Deal’ Sen. Manchin’s ‘Permitting Reform Bill’ Is Hitting a Wall of Protests, from Members of Both Parties and 100s of Environmental Justice Organizations —…

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Gas Companies Want Ratepayers to Foot the Bill for Their Lobbyists

August 8, 2022
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Toxic to Us, the Climate

July 11, 2022

Gas utilities are hyping hydrogen with methane as a solution — for what, bad health?

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Watch Now: Gas Stoves & Your Health

June 1, 2022

PSR National and PSR Arizona held an important webinar May 18 about gas stoves and our health. Gas stoves have been linked to increases in asthma among children and respiratory…

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Gas Stoves & Your Health

May 9, 2022

Join us on May 18 to learn about the air pollutants produced by gas stoves and the threat they pose to you and your family’s health.

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Physicians for Social Responsibilty- Arizona Chapter has signed on to support HR 5857

February 25, 2020

Please write your Representative and ask them to co-sponsor HR 5857, the Fracking Ban Act introduced by Representative Ocasio-Cortez and Representative Soto. This bill takes several critical steps to protect…

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Special webinar: Radioactivity disclosed in fracking wastewater!

February 13, 2020

A powerful exposé in the January 21 Rolling Stone magazine has found that wastewater from many oil and gas wells is dangerously radioactive. Nearby residents, the local environment, and especially…

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PSR opposes new pipeline and urges everyone’s action: see action request

January 27, 2020

PSR has endorsed this letter opposing a new pipeline that, if built, would carry vast quantities of climate-destroying tar sands oil. While the pipeline would be built in Minnesota, its climate…

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Letter to the Editor, AZ Daily Star

January 11, 2020

Published in Arizona Daily Star January 10, 2020 Say ‘no’ to TEP rate increase Tucson Electric Power is asking for an increase in our electricity rates in order to cover…

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