PSR Climate Ambassadors Action Alert February 6, 2020

Dear Climate Ambassadors,

Do please consider taking this LTE action today, tomorrow, this week and log it here in our Hub:

Trump’s State of the Union presents a great opportunity to write and submit an LTE to your local paper highlighting your thoughts on what was said, and not said, on the urgent need to take action on climate change and promote clean energy sources around the country.

President Trump will undoubtedly embellish his environmental record and falsely claim his policies are protecting the health of communities across the country. It’s the perfect news hook for the day after and the LTE should be short and to the point.

Here is a link with guidance on how to submit an LTE if you are new to doing this:

Here are some talking points to help inspire your own words. You should consider also mentioning your Senators or Representative as appropriate per their position on the issues (any questions on that just let me know).

  • The Trump administration is failing to meet its global commitment to act on climate. In fact, the current administration is working to dismantle numerous environmental safeguards and ignore public input, and its own scientific advisors are saying that in doing so federal agency leaders are ignoring the established science.
  • This country needs a plan to address the climate crisis and transition our economy to clean energy sources. Time is quickly running out.
  • A growing number of Americans describe climate change as a crisis and two-thirds believe the Trump administration is not doing enough to tackle climate change.
  • In fact, leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives have stepped up developing plans to address carbon pollution that will put our country on a path towards achieving a 100% clean economy by 2050.
  • [My State] is already experiencing the consequences of climate change and the health impacts. [Describe these briefly] We all must stand up to the Trump administration’s attempts to roll back our health and environmental protections and support America’s growing clean economy.
  • [Senator/Representative XX] should oppose the Trump administration’s efforts to roll back protections that reduce the emissions causing the climate crisis, a health emergency, and support bold climate solutions that address the climate crisis, mitigate the impacts and promote a safe, clean energy future.

If you take an action don’t forget to enter it into our Activist Reporting Hub (or if it is easier just send me a note that you took action)

Thank you for considering taking this action!

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