PSR AZ Attends November 2019 Kirkpatrick Town Hall November 17, 2019

It was standing room only in an auditorium at the Pima Community College District Office with more than 150 people in attendance. Constituents were engaged as Congresswoman Kirkpatrick answered their questions for nearly one hour. There were several rounds of applause and nods of agreement with her statements.

Concerns about environmental protections were also addressed as the Congresswoman acknowledged climate issues and her support for the Green New Deal and that she is against the Rosemont Mine. Mining laws from 1872 need to be updated (efforts were squashed by Harry Reid, who has mining interests: another reason to get big money out of politics.) People from all over the U.S. and world have asked her to protect the Grand Canyon from mining and development. She also agreed to support the Restore Bird Migratory Act, as Southern Arizona has one of the largest migration of birds in the U.S. and world, which is necessary for healthy biodiversity and also brings revenue into the area.

She shared her vision of making Tucson a Green City and has already spoken with the current and new Mayor, both of whom are on board and wants “to make Tucson the first Green City in the U.S.” She is looking for grants to support this goal and also wants to help create Legislation from the Green New Deal concepts. PSR AZ has a great opportunity to partner with the Congresswoman to make Tucson the first Green City a reality.

Kirkpatrick’s healthcare stance is that she supports Medicare for All, stands with Planned Parenthood, and supports getting vaccines.

She ended the meeting confirming that she reads all Legislation herself, and how important that is as an Attorney. width=

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