Physicians for Social Responsibilty- Arizona Chapter has signed on to support HR 5857 February 25, 2020

Please write your Representative and ask them to co-sponsor HR 5857, the Fracking Ban Act introduced by Representative Ocasio-Cortez and Representative Soto. This bill takes several critical steps to protect our climate, water, and health from the impacts of fracking and to implement a fair and just transition to a renewable energy economy.

  • Prohibits all federal agencies from issuing permits for new fracking or fracking infrastructure, including pipelines, liquefied natural gas or oil export terminals, natural gas storage, ethane cracker plants, natural gas power generation plants, or other infrastructure intended to extract, transport, or burn natural gas or oil.
  • Revokes permits for current fracking wells within 2,500 ft of homes, schools, or other inhabited structures.
  • Establishes a multi-agency, multi-stakeholder Just Transition Committee, led by the Department of Labor, to develop recommendations to ensure the health and prosperity of natural gas and oil producing regions.
  • Bans the practice of fracking nationwide beginning January 1, 2025.

Thank you for your consideration!

See the letter signed by over 570 national, regional, and local organizations supporting this legislation, including Climate Justice Alliance, Democracy for America, Indigenous Environmental Network, MoveOn, People’s Action, Progressive Democrats of America, Sierra Club, Sunrise Movement, and WE ACT for Environmental Justice.

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