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Renewable Energy and Health
Fact sheet on how clean, safe sources of renewable energy improve public health and protect vulnerable communities.

TEP: Commit to Clean Energy, Not Out-of-State Coal
Fact sheet on Tucson Electric Power and its reliance on dirty out-of-state coal power.

To vastly improve energy efficiency in our communities, PSR Arizona is participating in the Scale Up project with Local First and our Tucson 2030 District, funded by the Energy Department’s Arizona office.  Our goals are to work with and train at least a dozen local businesses to help them benchmark and retrofit their buildings to achieve at least 30% reductions in energy, water, waste and transportation costs, in concert with our Tucson 2030 District designation for our high-density downtown and university areas.

We also worked in our community of activists to shut down our local coal burning turbines. We did it! Now we need to oppose their using more natural gas and encourage our utility to support more solar power in our community!