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July 10, 2016
Radio Interview on KXCI – Building Resilient Communities

What would you do during an extensive power outage? How long could you get by? Dr. Barbara Warren and Gene Einfrank from the Building Resilient Communities Working Group of Physicians for Social Responsibility say that the single most important factor in survival could be how well you know your neighbors. They facilitate workshops for local neighborhood groups and others interested in learning how to work together to adapt to climate change through social cohesion.

February 2015 episode of “World Harmony: Can It Happen?” on Resiliency for Climate Change

September 2014 Access Tucson program with Physicians for Responsibility, Barbara Warren, M.D. and Russell Lowes on nuclear and solar energy and PSR

April 2014 episode of “Local Matters” on Climate Smart Southwest:

Conference highlights video:

TV ad for Climate Smart Southwest:

The August 1, 2013 episode of “Local Matters” featured Drs. Gregg Garfin and Ivy Schwartz discussing Arizona PSR’s upcoming climate conference:

The July 5, 2013 episode of “World Harmony: Can It Happen?” featured Dr. Barbara Warren of Arizona PSR discussing climate change and the Climate Smart Southwest conference:


How would an extra month of 100-plus-degree days feel?
Op-ed by CSSW conference speaker Gregg Garfin in the Arizona Daily Star