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Toxic to Us, the Climate

Gas utilities are hyping hydrogen with methane as a solution — for what, bad health?

We need climate action as another hot summer arrives

Eve Shapiro, MD, MPH | Arizona Daily Star As I write, $555 billion worth of proposed climate, justice, jobs, and clean energy investments are languishing in the U.S. Senate. If passed, they would not only create good-paying jobs and accelerate the transition to clean, safe, renewable energy, but protect Arizonans and all Americans from the …

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Gas Stoves & Your Health

Join us on May 18 to learn about the air pollutants produced by gas stoves and the threat they pose to you and your family’s health.

NO to nuclear war!

The Dalai Lama, and other Nobel Peace Prize Laureates just signed this powerful open letter against war and nuclear weapons — can you sign, too?

Voices Against Nuclear Proliferation

PSR-Arizona is always interested in hearing what others think about the nuclear threat to our lives and planet. We appreciate the voices in the following articles and hope you find them illuminating as well.

Give the Gift of Survival

PSR members are physicians, health professionals and advocates who speak out for public health solutions to the gravest threats to human life, including nuclear weapons and global warming.