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Voices Against Nuclear Proliferation

The More We Learn About the Nuclear Threat, the Safer We Can Be

PSR-Arizona is always interested in hearing what others think about the nuclear threat to our lives and planet. We appreciate the voices in the following articles and hope you find them illuminating as well.

Faith Groups to President Biden: Seize This Moment and Reduce Nuclear Dangers

The awful power of nuclear weapons indiscriminately threatens all people. As Quakers, we believe the only real answer is to eliminate these terrible weapons. But as we continue toward that goal, we are working with interfaith partners, lawmakers, and the administration to deescalate arms races and reduce the chances of nuclear use.”

“FCNL stands united with interfaith partners in calling on the President to move us closer to a world free from the existential threat of nuclear war.”

Ukraine and the Threat of Nuclear War

“As the crisis in Ukraine deepens, it is appropriate to consider what the actual consequences of war there might be. An armed conventional conflict in Ukraine would be a terrible humanitarian disaster…

“However, if the conflict spread beyond Ukraine’s borders and NATO became involved in the fighting, this would become a major war between nuclear-armed forces with the very real danger that nuclear weapons would be used—and the public debate about this crisis is utterly lacking in discussion of this terrible threat.”