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July Newsletter: A New Way to Communicate with Our Valued Members

Welcome to our first Arizona PSR Chapter newsletter of 2021, made possible in part because PSR Arizona is newly on board with “Every Action,” a communications service now offered through our association with National PSR. We will be using this tool to keep in touch with you more regularly. Your actively updated membership will help keep you informed about our activities in Arizona and nationally. We hope that you are safe and staying well in these challenging times of COVID — and staying safe with our ever more dangerous heat waves.

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This keeps you connected with both national and state PSR activities, actions and events. Your contributions are what keep our national and local organization going, which allows us to offer projects and events on the issues in PSR’s mission, such as education about and actions to address climate change; promotion of clean safe, renewable energy; and the abolition of nuclear weapons.

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Chair of Board: David Spence, MD – Flagstaff, AZ

Vice Chair: Rick Graap, MD – Tucson, AZ

Treasurer: Russell Lowes – Tucson, AZ

Chapter Director: Barbara Warren, MD, MPH – Tucson, AZ

Past Board Chair: Eve Shapiro, MD, MPH – Tucson, AZ

Member-a-Large: Paul Gee, MD – Tucson, AZ

Member-at-large: Mary Gresham, RN – Tucson, AZ


Here’s what we are doing. How you can get involved. You can write letters to the editor and op-eds; educate our representatives in Congress and the Arizona State Legislature on our issues and concerns; attend special events; recruit more young PSR Arizona members; work on special projects with our chapter and other organizations; serve on project task forces; protest against nuclear weapons; and/or help organize or represent us at coalition events with like-minded organizations. Let us know how you want to be more engaged!

Our meetings with local officials. PSR Arizona board members participated in legislative action Zoom meetings with the offices of Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick and Senators Krysten Sinema and Mark Kelly; state legislators; city council members; and even to support climate and environmental-related and security legislation, promoting, for example, outdoor worker heat protection bills; environmental jobs and justice; regional haze reduction; expansion of electric vehicles and the infrastructure to support them; promotion of clean, safe, renewable energy, and elimination of nuclear weapons.


Board vice chair Rick Graap created the bumper sticker pictured below. It is in line with the progress we are making on banning nuclear weapons. Note that the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons bans “the development, testing, production, manufacture, acquisition, possession or stockpiling, transfer, control, or receipt, use or threat to use, stationing or deployment of nuclear weapons.” To date, 86 nations have signed on to this treaty and 55 have ratified the treaty.  Now we need to get the US to sign on!  See