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PSR opposes new pipeline and urges everyone’s action: see action request

PSR has endorsed this letter opposing a new pipeline that, if built, would carry vast quantities of climate-destroying tar sands oil. While the pipeline would be built in Minnesota, its climate implications make it germane to all of us, anywhere.

PSR has signed on in opposition to the construction of a new pipeline in Minnesota that will carry 760,000 barrels/day of Canadian tar sands oil. The current carbon footprint of the Line 3 pipeline is 80million ton of CO2-e per year (MtCO2-e/yr). The carbon footprint would increase to a maximum of 273 MtCO2-e/yr if this project becomes operational. For reference, the greenhouse gas emissions of the continental United States in 2018 were 5416 MtCO2. Given the magnitude of the carbon footprint of this new pipeline, this is no longer just an issue concerning Minnesotans. The emissions released from the mining, transport, and combustion of Canadian tar sands oil, one of the most intense fuels on Earth, will impact the global climate, and thus the health and wellbeing of all Americans.

PSR and PSRAZ encourages everyone to support this effort to stop the pipeline- see and sign letter here.

And, the form to submit individual or organizational endorsements here.

This request comes to us from Laalitha Surapaneni, MD, author of paper.